Mabon, The feast of the Ingathering

A fortnight

So, here we are in the middle of nowhere. It’s been a fortnight of travel, and we are not yet halfway to our destination. Soon we will reach the outpost where we can restock our packs, but I find the merchants within the caravan to be more then adequate in meeting my meager needs. Anyway I’m mostly too excited to eat. Yes, I do it to keep my energy up for the journey, but somedays I find that I have skipped a meal without even knowing it. I have a really good feeling that the Oracle will see me this year. I know I said it last year, and the year before, and all the others, but something about this year feels different. Feels right. The energy within this caravan is electric, and the journey thus far has been without event. I have heard rumors that a few of the people travelling within the caravan have fallen ill, but no news yet has reach my ears pertaining to highway robbery or other such nonsense. This is my year. I just know it.

The first week

We have travelled passed the all but one of the villages on the road out of Ah’Sha’Ra’ already, and at each more pilgrims and celebrants have joined us. Each town is so unique, and I delight in stopping at each one for differnt reasons. We are just seven days into the journey, but already we are anxious to arrive for the feast. In three days we pass Charect and from there on out the road will be without settlement. It is also without protection, as there are no patrols wandering there. We will watch for highwaymen, and hope that there is safety in numbers, but with so many how do you know those in number with you are not the thieves and scallywags you fear?

Leaving Ah'Sha'Ra
Day 1

People from far and wide began to arrive in Ah’Sha’Ra in preparation for the departure of the caravan as early as last week. The merchants here were anxious to sell there wares to the travellers, here as well as the locals who came to shop before the rush. The bakers ovens are working throughout the night to prepare enough rations to meet the demands of the mob who wait outside thier doors at all hours to purchase them. Clothiers are selling brightly colored robes to to the magical types, and as usual for this time of year, for those who can afford the luxury, the indigos and purples are all the rage. The taverns were full to the brim and flaggarts quickly emptied. Children stopped to admire the displays of magic on every other street corner, and the adults to gawk, bet, or join in displays of ego and might in the alleys. Oh happy day that we have now departed the city for the Barrow Henge. One day of forty down.

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