Kaspar Garrun

Human Warlock/Rogue


11 STR 12 CON 13 DEX 14 INT 12 WIS 16 CHA

Warlock (Star)(Multiclass Rogue) Human


Kaspar is ancient, shrouded in mystery, and oddly charismatic. Rarely, if ever, seen without his hood obscuring his eyes and upper face, all that can be said for certain is that Kaspar’s long, unkempt beard is his most distinguishing feature. Tall and emaciated, Kaspar moves with agility and strength, that, while unremarkable in heroic company, is nevertheless preternatural for a man of his obvious age.

He has a nearly perfect memory of the last 26 years of his life, to the obvious dismay of his associates. Of his more distant past, he is either unwilling or unable to speak.

Despite his uncanny physical attributes, Kaspar is dying slowly. To that end, he made an unspeakable bargain with the beings of the far reaches of existence—26 years ago. Those that fear him speak of a curse bestowed upon him by these dark figures; those that follow him refer to it as his greatest blessing. His greatest urge—a primal need unmatched even by the compulsions laid upon him by his inscrutable masters—is to extend his life. To that end, he travels from place to place, chasing relics of immortality with the fervor of a zealot.

Disinclined to act directly, Kaspar influences those around him. He speaks with the practiced cadences of a trained and seasoned preacher, and his words kindle zeal and fervor in the hearts of any but the pure of heart. Listening to Kaspar speak—even when he merely whispers in the pained voice of the very old—is to be simultaneously fascinated and repulsed.

At present, Kaspar is in search of a fabled relic and in flight from the outraged loyalists to a duke he corrupted and inducted into the mysteries of the cult that inevitably follows him from place to place. Laden with what remains of the wealth he was given by the now hopelessly corrupt duke, and desperate to avoid his own demise, Kaspar has begun to desperately grasp for more power, at the expense of what little remains of his humanity and vitality.

Kaspar Garrun

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