Mabon, The feast of the Ingathering

A fortnight

So, here we are in the middle of nowhere. It’s been a fortnight of travel, and we are not yet halfway to our destination. Soon we will reach the outpost where we can restock our packs, but I find the merchants within the caravan to be more then adequate in meeting my meager needs. Anyway I’m mostly too excited to eat. Yes, I do it to keep my energy up for the journey, but somedays I find that I have skipped a meal without even knowing it. I have a really good feeling that the Oracle will see me this year. I know I said it last year, and the year before, and all the others, but something about this year feels different. Feels right. The energy within this caravan is electric, and the journey thus far has been without event. I have heard rumors that a few of the people travelling within the caravan have fallen ill, but no news yet has reach my ears pertaining to highway robbery or other such nonsense. This is my year. I just know it.



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