Welcome to the world of Mabon. A land of many climates, many races and many faiths the ways of life here are as numerable as the faces of the doppelganger. So vast is this world that there are lands within it that have not been mapped and even some that have yet to be discovered. There exist great and powerful civilizations, packed tightly into huge organized cities but many of the people have settled in small hamlets which are spread so wide, that they have never seen men from another place let alone can they comprehend the possibility of peoples of a different race. The short books on the history of Mabon describe time passing as settlements are built and fall to be built again. They tell of the known world growing larger, of new colonies becoming old kingdoms, who in turn set up colonies of their own in the wild lands beyond. It’s a world in flux shall we say, still developing, still being born.

It is in the very oldest regions of Mabon, from its largest metropolis Ah’ash’ra on the continent of Calleach, 38 days ago that your story begins…

Those of you who joined the procession at Ah’sha’ra have travelled with the caravan for nearly 38 days. It has been more then 28 days since you passed Charect, the last village along the southern trade route and nearly a week since passing the infamous No Mans Land Trading Post. The route runs through a bright, hot and verdant jungle as it follows the equator east along old army roads that have long been left to the devices of traders and highway bandits alike. The road where you are now travelling has turned south east in a long wide arc and is snaking its way between the outer edge of the jungle and what appears to be a cliff, the gorge below a basin full of dark fog. The fog extends far out into the horizon and the view below you is obscured. Those who wander close the edge catch the wafting musty smell of wet earth and mildewed decay. In two days time you will reach the Barrow Henge, where the yearly festival of the Nagy Felfedezés will commence. Each year this holiday brings peoples from throughout the region together, but each partakes in this celebration for there own purposes. Those of a magical persuasion are likely there to congregate under the current celestial alignment to celebrate the magical discoveries of the year past and to honor Boccob. Fitting to the ways of the Uncaring God more have come just for the party, some for the extravagant feasts (did somebody say free food?), some for the chance to speak with the oracle who would divine the futures of a lucky few, and some for the simple business opportunity, be that in fair trade merchantiles or from the bottoms of pockets so easily slit.

Mabon, The feast of the Ingathering

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